Delicious Memories

The Perfect Cakes for your Sweet Family

We Bake fresh Cakes for your sweet family. We believe that delicious cakes can make your family events more delicious.

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Creating Delicious Memories

RJ Bakers baked specials, for your special occasions. We are with you for your every occasion e.g Birthday, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Wedding Anniversary and many more.

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RJ Bakers baked Cake in every occasion

Baking with love

Our passion for Baking is Constantly Growing

We are passionate for baking for you, your family, your friends and for your special ones.

Fresh & Tasty Cakes every day

We bake wonderful and tasty cakes for your family, catered to your preference.

Quality Ingredient

Fresh Butter

Quality Ingredient

Grade A Eggs

Quality Ingredient

Natural Milk

Quality Ingredient

Quality Flour

Fresh & Tasty CAKES every day

We believe on Traditions & Experiences

Attention to Every Detail

Freshly Baked Customized Cakes

Delivery Service

100% Hygiene

Hand-selected Grains

Made with love

Made for Sharing

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